TAXA Co. Ltd is a global Sportswear manufacturer with design, cut, make and trim business that has been established in excess of 15 years. Whilst we specialise in sporting apparel and school uniform, we are not limited and also manufacture swimwear and corporate apparel garments.

We have more than 15 years manufactured sportswear for some of the world’s most highly recognised and sought after labels, and our garments are worn by world renowned athletes, players and teams in various sports arenas, both in Europe and overseas.

In 2003, we registered our own trade mark TAXA, and created a joint venture with Italy Sports Apparel Company, to be the distributor of our products, so we are able to sell labelled TAXA sportswear from our factory directly to Italian and European markets, and we also provide our clients with stock services. The business has been successful with rapid growth.

TAXA Pty Ltd has been established in 2011 and we transplant the successful business concept to Australia, as our factory sells directly to the market, we can minimise consumer costs. We are committed to servicing and supporting grass roots sports and local schools,and to ensuring clients expectations are met and exceeded, and is steering the company towards its future goals, initiatives, development and vision.