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P2 Mask – 12 Pack

Flexible Aluminium nosepiece; can be moulded for a snug fit. Compact design; provides a good fit with glasses and goggles. Large 4 ply filter area; does not impair breathing or voice communication. Strengthened outer shell; increased durability and moisture resistance. Exhalation Valve; greater breathing comfort especial under hot or humid conditions.

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Construction Metal Fabrication Workshops Grinding Woodworking Gardening

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Product Description


Careful observation of P2 dust and mist mask instructions is important for safe respirator use. General Instructions:
1. Taxa 6332 is a P2 approved respirator and manufactured to Australian Standard #1716
2. Designed for the professional who demands high standards from the various hazards that are encountered on a day to day basis at the workplace. The exhalation valve makes breathing more comfortable and cooler. This product has been designed for simple fitting and wearer comfort and is maintenance free.

Not for asbestos or sand blasting. Only for oxygen atmospheres over 19.5%. Not for concentrations exceeding 12x OEL. Facial hair will affect seal. Do not modify or alter the mask. In case of contamination leave the area immediately, if dizziness or other discomfort occurs.

General Advice
1. Disposable particle masks have many advantages over standard respirators such as the economy, convenience, light weight and compatibility with other protective gear such as welding helmets, face shields, goggles, etc.
2. However, the selection of respiratory protection should be made with reference to NHMRC occupational guidelines or direct consultation with an industrial hygienist or occupational safety professional. Reference should also be made to AS1715.
3. For a definition of TLV (Threshold Limit Value), refer to NHMRC publication or Taxa Co. Ltd.
4. If not sure about the suitability of mask, consult WHS or Taxa Co. Ltd.